All over the world, the invitation to break bread, or to make and share a delicious meal together is one of the most powerful ways to gather for meaningful times of fellowship with family and friends or to celebrate life's important milestones. When love and kindness are the main ingredients, the hospitable offering of fresh baked pastries transforms strangers into lifelong friends with a standing invitation into our homes and hearts.

Hard, crumbly, too sweet, too processed or too dry were what I found when I started seeking gluten-free products in the market. Can anyone else relate?

Nearly 10 years ago, I started having gluten allergy while living in Singapore. My allergy to gluten caused me to have stomach pains and irritating skin conditions. Living in SE Asia was an easy transition to a gluten-free diet since most of the dishes are naturally gluten-free made with mostly rice and root flours. I just have to be mindful of the sauces and avoid pastries and baked goods…. This avoidance made me miserable since Singapore had the best pastries from all over the world that are readily available on every corner! So, my gluten sensitivity forced me to I sought out and develop a gluten-free blend that would result in a tender and moist baked product.

Through trial and error, lots of baking and friends’ tastings, and armed with the knowledge of various flours I have discovered during my travels, I have finally perfected a blend that is gluten-free without compromising taste and texture. It’s a blend that can be used as a substitute to conventional wheat flour!

My love for food is no longer limited! I believe that food is love and being surrounded with the people you love is always an opportunity to break bread and fellowship.

So, roll up your sleeves and let’s make sweet memories in the kitchen!

Lorraine Fagela



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